Comme Ca
8479 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Member Reviews

David Myers, wizard of cuisine behind Sona, is also responsible for this French bistro.  The food is quite good -- rich, inventive, heavy, and all in a fun, upscale brasserie atmostphere.  And did we mention the cheese bar? (It's no Cube, but give 'em credit anyway).  Just don't plan on getting out for less than $100 a head pre-tip if you're a drinker (which you are), and be sure to call well in advance for reservations.

So let's talk about the whiskey.  Scotch: well, they've got kind of a regular selection, with bonus points for the Compass Box Asyla.  Bourbon: woah!  Our old friend Pappy Van Winkle!  George T. Stagg!  And more.  Looking around the bar (yes, sometimes we look at more than whiskey) you'll see that the selection isn't enormous, but it's well-chosen.  In fact, there is NO "well" booze here.  It's all the good stuff.

And the cocktails.  Yes, cocktails.  Joel Black, chief mixologist and resident spirits buyer, is a connoisseur -- and dare we say he is obsessed -- with all things alcoholic.  He has a particular penchant for prohibition-inspired stuff.  Try the "Penicillin" (Laphroaig included), or for a bourbony jolt, try his "Staggerac."  Both are absolutely delicious, and the best whiskey cocktails this reviewer has sampled to date.

Once again, and happily, we find another fine restaurant that understands that they can do better in the whiskey department.  Now, all we have to do is work on getting a couple more interesting single malts into this place, and we'll have an indisputable gem.

(Pardon us, our database system does not allow the "French C" or "cedille" to properly title this fine restaurant.)

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