235 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 271-9910
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World renowned and hugely respected chef Thomas Keller finally opened a restaurant in LA.  If you've been to Bouchon up in Napa Valley, this one is similar... without the drive!

Bouchon Beverly Hills is a large-scale French brasserie with food that's simply and inarguably at the top of its category. Combined with the casual atmosphere and stellar service, I'd think it's hard to have anything less than a great meal and a great time here. 

The whiskey selection is respectable, with an emphasis on bourbon. Whiskey prices, however, are much too high. They do get extra points for the Black Maple Hill orange label ($13), the Midleton Very Rare (didn't get the price), and the Malt Trust Bunnahabhain ($45, which also seems to be cropping up at a number of bars around town, all terribly overpriced). Honestly, though, you're more likely to have a nice wine here or one of their fancy cocktails.

Remember to call far in advance for reservations!

Great food at a reasonable price (asterisk as always: for LA, being what this place is). A huge fan and I will definitely return. 


The whiskey selection still skews towards bourbon - don't waste time at the downstairs bar, go to the upstairs bar with the restaurant proper. Bourbon prices range from OK to great (I don't think I've seen Stagg for $18 anywhere else). A good selection of options too - they don't buy a bottle of Woodford and call their whiskey selection done. 


Scotch selection is good with a moderate selection of independents - a few Old Malt Casks, a few Malt Trusts, and a few Rattrays. The prices on these are unfortunately excessive - $40 for a 20 year or so Bunnahabhain, $37 for a Rattray Bowmore 20 that's of average quality, etc.  

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