Bar Food
12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-3274
Member Reviews
This self-described gastropub does serve some damn tasty "bar food," but it's not the short-order, brainless type you'd expect from, well, a bar. Bar Food's bar food has style, inventiveness, variety, and everything seems homemade for the most part. 

The atmosphere is decidedly non-pubby. It feels quite LA, in fact… a lot like Koi, strangely enough (sans sushi bar, of course). Not sure what they were going for with that, but whatever, it's not ideal but it works for me.

So anyway: the whisky. This is the largest selection of Irish Whiskey in Los Angeles. They've even got Green Spot! If you don't know why this is special, I can't explain it here. Ask them politely.

I counted 38 single malts, 28 American whiskeys, and 44 Irish whiskeys. Plus a handful of other oddballs to boot. Whiskey Menu is here. There's no independents, but a broad selection of distillery bottlings -- most of which are younger expressions and affordable -- should keep the typical whiskey enthusiast quite satisfied.

So that's about 125 whiskies, great food, really friendly staff, and a trendy yet relaxed atmosphere -- I gotta like this place. Prices aren't bargains, but fair enough. Only complaint is the music… but maybe I'm just getting old. 

I feel like after a couple more visits with a few more of the guys, we may have finally found another "LAWS Endorsed" bar. 

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