BLT Steak
8720 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 360-1950
Member Reviews
LA seems a bit overrun with upscale steakhouses, some good and some... not so good. Fortunately, this one falls solidly into the former category. 

The whiskey selection is broad, with an admirable selection of single malts for a steakhouse like this.  As of late 2009 there were no less than 4 independents on the shelf (Murray McDavid), as well as Ardbeg 10 and Uigeadail, and some other not-often-seen-in-an-LA-restaurant scotches.  There's a nice range of bourbons, including micro-distilleries and some BTAC, as well as an atypical selection of Irish whiskey.

BLT also offers a "5 at 5" menu (their happy hour, from 5 to 7) where you can dine on steak sliders, kobe hot dogs, and a few other treats as well as specialty cocktails, wine, and beer -- each for $5.  Not a bad deal!

The space is contemporary and the feel comfortable, the staff extremely friendly and helpful. The steaks themselves are very good (although Mastros and Cut still hold top honors in that category).  You can go here and have a great meal and a great time.  And, as far as LA steakhouses go it's "reasonable."  Meaning, expensive, but not horribly so...

The possibly unfortunate part of BLT is their whiskey pricing, which can border on offensive for some choices (Lagavulin 16 is $27, highest in LA). BUT, the pours seem to be 2 oz, which helps offset the difference. Oh, and it seems that the Chivas folks left BLT with some glassware, which makes BLT the only restaurant in LA to have proper Glencairn glasses. Bonus points awarded!

Definitely recommended, but not fully endorsed until they straighten out the whisky prices.

P.S. If you haven't heard about the popovers here before, now you have.  They are that good.

For a more contemporary steakhouse choice, BLT is the best spot to hit. Yes, you could do the same old tired routine you'll find at Mastro's, Morton's, PDC, and so on, or you could hit BLT who is trying to keep the menu safely short of "octogenarian approved". 


Adam is right; the popovers are great. Stop going to Lawry's and enduring their shtick (not to mention the hammerhead to your right with a five inch thick cut of prime rib who is complaining that it's not gray and lifeless all the way through) just for their Yorkshire Pudding.


BLT has a menu that is informed by culinary trends that have occurred since the first Bush administration. That alone makes it a must-visit if you're in the mood for steak. It's a great stop.


Yeah, the bar is almost insultingly overpriced but you're not coming here to suck down a Bowmore. Have the great dinner, go home, and raid your better-stocked bar. 









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