Old Fitzgerald 1849
Added on Thursday, Jul 1, 2010 at 08:57 PM
  Bottler: Heaven Hill
  Age: N/A Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Bourbon
  ABV: 45.00 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: $18 Availability: Wide
A wheated Bourbon from Heaven Hill.
Member Ratings and Notes

Nose:  Very light on the nose, corn, hay, some corn syrup, some rubber.

Palate:  Light but with a nice flavor profile that has some of the savory, chewy notes of wheated Bourbons without the excess sweetness identified with some brands. 


Not bad but nothing special. 


N: Light initially, honey, spirity, a little bit of wheat but its hard to find...

P: Surprisingly dry and woody, its got some of the expected wheat profile but its thin.   A side-by-side tasting with Maker's Mark (another wheated bourbon) actually shows it to a bit richer, but with less spice.  It goes down pretty easy though.
F:  And the lingering tastes is kinda nice, the wheat and a bit of sweetness finally emerge.
Gets better as you work your way down the glass.  C+/B-


n: Almost nothing.  Rare for a bourbon


p:  Bit of raw alcohol and shoe leather.  Finishes fast.  Mostly harmless, but a big step of from actual bad whiskey which can be readily found at this prive range.  Good if you want something light.



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