LAWS's Best Hangover Cure and Prevention

Firstly, there is no such thing as a “hangover cure,” we just put that wording here because it's what people search for. Nothing is guaranteed to stop a hangover, but we've found the below can make a hangover much less severe.
Take two (2) Borage Oil softgels. The anti-inflammatory properties of this natural extract help prepare your body for what you're going to pour into it.
Take three or four (3-4) Thrive After Alcohol Pills depending on how much you drank. We've found that these do have a noticeable effect, particularly on things like nausea and headache. They're arguably overpriced and the marketing is overhyped, but they do make a difference, and we prefer them to the competitors we've tried thus far. 

Yes, but we don't think drinking tons of water is as important as popular wisdom says it is. Stay well hydrated, but you don't have to drown yourself at the end of the night.
Get as much sleep as you can. Your body needs time and rest to recover. If you're looking for a good rehydration/electrolytes drink, we like the RecoverORS packets and mix them with water per individual preference.
That’s it. Please drink responsibly, and read the labels and warnings on these products.
This guy wakes up feeling great and refreshed! No hangover!

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