Using Bento to Manage Your Whisky Collection

Here's how I (Adam) manage my collection.  You can download my template at the bottom of the page.  Bento is $49 from FileMaker, and the iPhone app is $4.99.  You can click between this view and a regular spreadsheet view, and import to and from Excel.

































Download template here:


It's not perfect but it works well for me.  You'll want to delete fields that are not applicable to you.


Feel free to contact me if you have improvements, updates, questions or suggestions.  Especially improvements!  Use the Email Us page.


(Update Feb 2013 - This has been up for a few years and we still get a lot of traffic and downloads on it. But nobody ever emails me about it. Seriously, if you've improved upon this template please share your ideas.  I'll post my updated version soon.) 

Whiskey Master List
The Stores List
The Bars List
The Online List