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I do not recommend Hi-Time due to my strong dislike for the way one of their owners conducts himself and his business.

This member of the Hi-Time "family" has been seen buying rare whiskey from illegitimate sources (online, and competitor's retail stores). That means he's taking it out of the hands of would-be consumers and aficionados to try to resell at his own store, at a higher markup, to those same would-be consumers and aficionados.
For instance, let's say you want to go buy some Pappy at Total Wine. Well, this guy's strategy is to get there before you and clean out the shelves -- then put that stuff on the shelf at Hi-Time for more $$. 
That hurts our hobby immensely, and only serves to line the pockets of someone who can't respect the privileges and public trust that are supposed to come along with a liquor license. Not to mention the law.

I've also found this fellow to be strangely rude and arrogant in direct contact.
I would encourage you to order from any of the more honorable stores in the LA area or around the US.
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