Michter's US 1 Unblended American
Added on Sunday, Jan 25, 2009 at 12:53 AM
  Bottler: Chatham Imports Inc.
  Age: N/A Type: American
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Other
  ABV: 41.70 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: $38 Availability: Better Stores
Aged in "bourbon-soaked white oak barrels," which we presume means they're used bourbon barrels.
Chatham Imports Inc. does not actually distill this whiskey, they purchase bulk whiskey and bottle it under this label.
Member Ratings and Notes
Nose is candy corn, with some caramel and vanilla, and somewhat unique.  Palate is sweet -- candy corn again -- and interesting.  This is decent whiskey.  Finish continues the theme.  Overall this has a pretty unique flavor, closer to a bourbon than anything else, but it doesn't taste like any bourbon I've had before.  The sweetness here is somewhat cloying, and because of that I don't think I could enjoy more than a glass or so... but I like it for the time being.   [Batch no. 3E1]
N: Molasses and a combination of grains, very unusual.   I suspect this is some kind of 4 grain type experiment.
P: Distinctly not bourbon, sugary mix of different grains.
F: Burnt sugar, almost like whiskey liquor, very sweet, maple syrup candies.
To sweet and funky, not sure what they were going for here.

Nose:  Maple syrup, soy sauce.

Palate:   High fructose corn syrup, candy corn, bad Canadian Whisky.

Finish:  More candy-like stuff.


On Balance:  overly sweet and one-dimensional.  (Batch No. 4J3)


Vanilla char, oatmeal cookie with black raisin. Grilled peach, bit of an unusually sweet flavor. Profile of hard white cookie icing and black tea. Overwhelming vanilla flavor in end. I like this less as I drink it though.   C+/B-

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