Charbay Whiskey Release II
Added on Saturday, Aug 2, 2008 at 11:31 PM
  Bottler: Charbay
  Age: 6 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: 1999 Subtype: Other
  ABV: 55.00 % Region: California
  Price: $325 Availability: Specialty Stores
See Charbay I for more history on this whiskey.  This bottling has spent 6 years in oak, and another 3 in stainless -- distiller Marko Karakasevic swears that whisky ages in stainless.

[Yes Hi-Time, we borrowed your watermarked pic.  Hey, we bought bottle 508.]
Member Ratings and Notes
After spending more time drinking Charbay Whiskey I, I've really become a fan of this creation.  Once you come to recognize the nose and flavor, the whiskey becomes quite craveable.  And this release bring more of the same theme in bountiful amounts.  The extra time in wood has mellowed the fire while adding some woody depth, and this will probably make this release more appealing to most.  I love it.  But I do prefer the previous release by a little bit more.  Again, the price is objectionable, but on flavor alone, this stuff is purely unique and uniquely delicious.

Retaste: Let's just say there have been many retastes.  I LOVE this stuff.  Release II has one of the best noses you'll ever find on a whiskey.  Ever.  B+/A-
Lots of pine in the nose, smells richer and more compled this time (compared to the first release).   The pine hoppy thing goes off big on the palate. Mmmmmmm.   Finish is extremely long.  This is just bizarre and once you get past that fact it's really enjoyable in it's huge bizarreness (actually a word, I looked it up).  It's like whiskey with a breath freshener built in.  I feel enlivened by it.  Makes me say ahhhh after each sip. 
Nose:  Candy
Palate:  Maple syrup, sweet pine, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
Finish:  Hoppy with pine notes.

Another good hopped whiskey from Charbay.  I give the younger, first release the edge here as its flavors are bolder, though they are both very good.

n: Fantastic.  Red oak.  Mulling spice candle.  Nail polish.  New tennis ball can smell.


p:  Christmas tree sap, nail polish, isopropyl alcohol, and grass. Solid happy finish.

Alot smoother and more mellowed out compared to the first release.  Very mature for its age and I would have guessed it to be older.

N: Sherry sweetness - not of the whiskey type - hoppy, beer definitely comes through. Yuuuum. 

P: This is crazy, but it's true, I taste beer, but I taste whiskey. I am pleasantly confused and satistfied. 

F: Ouch, buuuurns - but, it's in a unique floral way, like it's burning flavor onto every surface area of my mouth. The mouth feel is so thick, it's like a dessert. 


I actually really love it, all except for the crazy burning thing going on. Never did try adding water, which might save it.  


For the next few days, it was all I could think about. So interesting. (It was my first Charbay experience.) 

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