Amrut 2009 Single Cask Nation
Added on Thursday, Sep 24, 2015 at 09:13 AM
  Bottler: Jewish Whisky Co.
  Age: 5 yrs Type: World
  Vintage: 2009 Subtype: Indian
  ABV: 62.80 % Region: India
  Price: $115 Availability: Specialty Stores

Cask 2635    Distilled Dec. 2009    Bottled March 2015

162 Bottles   First fill bourbon cask 

Member Ratings and Notes
The nose has malt and fruit juice. The palate is earthy and spicy with clove, ginger, and citrus rind and it finishes with a peppery note. Water brings out pineapple notes. Good stuff!
Peach, raspberry, vanilla cream donut initial. Malty and dark honey middle. Surprisingly well-rounded and tasty with strong black peppercorns in a spicy finish. This runs hot (in a great way!) and is full of flavour.  [B/B+]

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