Lot No. 40 (2012)
Added on Friday, Jul 12, 2013 at 01:42 AM
  Bottler: Corby
  Age: N/A Type: Canadian
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Other
  ABV: 43.00 % Region: Canada
  Price: $60 Availability: Specialty Stores
Made from 90% rye and 10% malted rye.  Distilled at Hiram Walker.
Member Ratings and Notes
Orange amber color (identical to 90s release). A delicate nose, that is meadowey and grassy (can sense some of the rye). In the background I can pick out some trees and syrup. On the palate, sweet (but not as much as the 90s release) and grassy, but with a little bitter aftertaste. The rye notes are present, but not overpowering and not overly spicy. Oxygen really helps this one. Really cool to do the two releases side by side, because similair profiles are there, but nuanced differences that make it interesting. [3/7/13]

The nose on this has a strong rye, very reminiscent of the herbaceous rye notes on Whistlepig and the other Canadian straight ryes. Then some cocoa notes emerge. The palate is both drier and less aggressive on the rye than I expected with some brandy notes, cherries, chocolate and a more muted rye than the nose. The finish is the first time you get more traditional Canadian Whisky notes with some honey joining the rye spice.


This is a very nice whisky. It has the nice, spicy rye notes of the Canadian straight ryes but with more complexity.


n: sourdough bread, vanilla, and butter. Rye toast with light cream cheese. Light and smooth spice with buttercream and a nicely balanced sweet spot.


t: warm, but smooth rye, full of subtle vanilla and that semi-sweet rye spice are the main flavours. The rye dominates in the middle. Finish is creme brulee and spiced oak. Not much else going on.


[2013 release, B] 

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