Dewar's Signature
Added on Thursday, Nov 8, 2007 at 12:00 AM
  Bottler: OB
  Age: N/A Type: Scotch
  Vintage: N/A Subtype: Blend
  ABV: 43.00 % Region: N/A
  Price: $180 Availability: Better Stores
Member Ratings and Notes
A tasty well-rounded whisky with peaty tones and mild sweetness.  It's somewhat like what regular ol' Dewars would taste like if it were peatier, bigger, and actually good.  (By the way, Hi-Time has been selling this for $125 for a long time, which is a more appropriate price).
Engineered to not offend.  Maybe I'm just a single malt snob, but there's just nothing special here...if you're looking for $180 of not specialness, here it is.
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