Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants
2020 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Member Reviews

From the outside of the building, with its blackened windows and iron bars, I was not expecting much from 20/20.   I opened the door and looked left into a room packed with empty boxes and other garbage.   Hmm.   Then I walked into the main room and was simply floored.   Hidden in this dumpy building is perhaps the most grand wine showroom I have ever seen.   In a basketball court sized library-esque room, polished wood shelving rises 20-25 feet up to the ceiling.  Had it all been filled with whiskey I might have needed a change of underpants.

Sadly (and yet fortunately for my boxers), only a tiny section was dedicated to whiskey.   20/20 has a respectable but commonplace selection of single malts in the low to mid price ranges with a couple odd-ball rare bottles.   Bourbon and other whiskeys were few in number.   I inquired if all their stock was on display and they indicated there were more high-end bottles in back. [A check of the website revealed about 40 bottles from $200 to $7250.]   There are some bottles here of interest to collectors, but with Ebay "Buy It Now" prices.

Adam As of fall 2009, prices are pricey.
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