K & L Wine Merchants
1400 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA, 90028
(323) 464-WINE
Member Reviews

K&L is fast becoming the best store for whiskey in California, and a serious contender nationwide.


In summer 2009, David Girard (in LA) and David Driscoll (up north) took over as spirits buyers, with a strong eye towards expanding and improving their brown spirits selection. They now boast 450 bottles in stock (with another 100 available upon request though not listed online), including independent bottlers and some true rarities. Plus, K&L is regularly putting out their own exclusive bourbon and single malt bottlings, most of them from outright cask purchases. So far, the quality has been great.


Note that you might not see everything in the store that's on the website, but anything on the site they can get transferred to the Hollywood store.  That's a great way to avoid shipping charges -- order online for a will-call pickup.


In addition, K&L offers a Whiskey Club whereby you can set your own price range and preferences, and each month they'll send you a bottle that fits your taste and budget, some with a discount for being a club member.


Keep these guys high on your radar, I smell (er, nose) great things ahead.


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