Hi-Time Wine
250 Ogle Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Member Reviews
Hi-Time is a strong DO NOT RECOMMEND. Their shady and illegal business practices are part of what's directly destroying our hobby.

One of the owners buys rare whiskey from illegitimate sources such as the black market and competitor's retail stores. That means he's taking it out of the hands of would-be consumers and aficionados to try to resell at his own store, at a higher markup, to those same would-be consumers and aficionados.
Why is it so hard to buy Pappy? Because this guy goes and buys it from local competitors like Total Wine, then puts it on his own shelf at a higher markup. He can create a local monopoly by emptying competitor's shelves, just to stock his own at whatever price he wants.
Not only that, but Hi-Time takes pre-allocated bottles -- whiskeys that the distiller specifically marked for specific customers -- and the owner just trades them on the black market for "better" bottles that he can more easily rip people off with.
This disgusting nonsense only serves to line the pockets of someone who can't respect the privileges and public trust that are supposed to come along with a liquor license. Not to mention the law.

I've also found that owner to be strangely rude and arrogant in direct contact.
I would encourage you to be a patron of the other great whiskey stores in the LA area.
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