Du Vin
540 N. San Vicente Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90048
(310) 855-1161
Member Reviews
Chris The guys here are great and incredibly friendly and helpful... but their prices are just plain silly.  The store is a super-boutiquey winery, tucked back in what feels like a house.  They've got a few interesting indies, but they're massively overpriced, awaiting the unknowledgeable gift-buyer.  Go somewhere else and save lots of money.

I got lucky here with a bottle I was looking for that no one in the free world seemed to have. Du Vin had it - at a premium. You'll have to hunt for it; it's hidden near the PDC. Go in and you're transported to a world of bottles that are several years old, owing to their price. Red label cask-strength Macallan? Sure, why not. 


The weirdest part about shopping here is that you get the sense the owner doesn't really dig keeping a scotch selection. I bought a $300 indie and then had to endure the sell for a $12,000 bottle of Glenfiddich 50. I'd love to try it but that's safely outside my budget.


Very nice people, just unfortunately priced. 

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