Thomas H. Handy Sazerac (2011)
Added on Monday, Jan 23, 2012 at 11:29 PM
  Bottler: Buffalo Trace
  Age: 6 yrs Type: American
  Vintage: 2005 Subtype: Rye
  ABV: 64.30 % Region: Kentucky
  Price: $80 Availability: Better Stores
Distilled Spring 2005    Bottled Fall 2011
Member Ratings and Notes

n:  Antique store full of hardwood furniture, perhaps with a little potpourri in the corner.  Like it.


p:  Lot of stuff in here.  Red oak, anise, cinnamon, rubber.   Runs a bit hot, of course, and the finish moves a little faster than you'd expect, but overall it's a lip smacker.



Nose:  Baking spices.

Palate:  Marzipan, gingersnaps,'s a dessert rye.

Finish:  Candied almonds,  cinnamon, mulling spices.


Nice stuff.

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